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Barnes  &  Mullins

Barnes & Mullins £150.00 o.n.o.

The Barnes & Mullins UBJ1 banjolele is a charming instrument.

Made in the tradition of many banjo uke's before it, the UBJ1 is scaled and strung as a ukulele.

The result is unmistakably 'ukulele banjo' in both tone, feel and appearance. 

Banjo neck mahogany, mahogany resonator, maple with ovengkol fingerboard, ovengkol rim. Open geared tuners. 

Set-up for George Formby style playing with calfskin vellum.

CONTACT DETAILS: Contact seller direct.

SELLER NAME: Mr Roberts.

TELEPHONE: 07935 109151.

ITEM LOCATION/CARRIAGE: Buyer to pay post and packing.