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George  Formby's  Chinese  Dragon  Door

Chinese Door.

George Formby's House 'Beryldene' on Mains Lane, in Singleton.

Flyer for Warrington Museum Exhibition.

Chinese Door on display at Warrington Museum.


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The  History  Behind  The  Door...

A 'one off' piece!

The Chinese Dragon door was commissioned by George & Beryl and painted by a local artist.

It was the entrance/exit door to George's Chinese room in their home when they resided at Mains Lane in Singleton.

The door remained in place long after George & Beryl had moved out and stayed in place until the 70's.

The current owner was offered the door when the new occupants didn't want it. 

Therefore the door has come straight from the Formby's residents and stayed with it's current owner some almost 50 years!

The door does have scratch marks on it, clearly to be seen as claw marks, therefore is presumed this was made by one of George's dogs

In 1991, the Chinese Door was displayed in the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery for 3 months.

This was a 'one off' exhibition which displayed a memorable collection or rare, personal effects of George Formby which also included his 

O.B.E, Silver Disc, a range of Ukuleles, his Norton International motorcycle, his black and gold kimono and his jockey suit.

I, Alan Yates have had the pleasure of seeing this door and know the owner and know this door to be a genuine artefact.