Alan  Yates  Music

My  George  Formby  tribute  act!

Okay so I don't look like him, much to my wife's relief but

I have homed my skill over the last 30+ years of playing and singing just like him!

I offer a solo tribute act to George's music from his 1st hit - Chinese Laundry Blues through to his last - Happy Go Lucky Me,

covering all the popular ones in between.

We also do a 'George Formby Life Story' through words and music!

With the help of my wife Alyson assisting me, like George's Beryl, Alyson becomes my Beryl.

Between us, we take you through the life of George from when he was born to just after he died.

Alyson telling you his story and answering any questions and me singing and playing his songs.

We have done his life story many a time, to many a different audience,

from adult social groups to educational projects for children.

What the newspapers are saying

Where did he get that voice from?

He was brilliant. If you shut your eyes you could really hear George himself singing and playing!

Fleetwood Newspaper


George Formby's most popular and best remembered song!

Freaky  fact :

My Great Uncle Joe met George Formby at the Marine Hall in Fleetwood when he went to see his show.

After the show my Uncle Joe asked George for his autograph whilst pulling a photograph of himself out of his wallet and giving it George.

George looked at the photograph, then at my uncle and before signing the picture George said to him...

"Eee it's like looking in the mirror".

So I could of very nearly looked like George too, had I of had my Great Uncle Joe's genes!

A = George Formby

B = My Great Uncle Joe!