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Split Headstock Repair & Part Restoration

The split in the headstock was right through both the headstock and the veneer.

When I took out the top peg, the headstock fell apart in my hand - it was only the peg holding the wood together!

The following work was carried out to the instrument:

Repaired break in the headstock & veneer (saving the original veneer) * Alter ferrules, re-tool tuning pegs to fit properly in order to keep original pegs * Re-finish headstock & neck in French polish finish * Fretboard cleaned & treated including polishing of frets * All metal work cleaned & polished * Vellum cleaned * Straightening of tailpiece * Cleaned & polished resonator * Re-sprayed resonator side * Strip off, clean and reseal purfling to resonator back * Supply & fit new strings & bridge * Re-set action * Professionally set-up playing action.

Before  &  After ...

December 2020