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We Were There, on stage - The Queens 92nd Birthday Bash at the Royal Albert Hall!

The most surreal honourable performance we have ever done!

Alan & Alyson had the greatest honour along with other members of the George Formby Society to play for the Queen at Her Majesty's birthday celebrations.

Singing & playing George Formby's famous song 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Watch the video at the bottom of this page!

Read  Their  Story...

Alyson - The phone rings, I answered and this voice said "what are you doing on the 21st April? Do you fancy doing a gig but I can't tell you what it is for or where". I replied "I don't think Alan has got a booking for then, I will have to check". The voice said "No, I mean you and Alan".

I got off the phone thinking this is a wind up right, told Alan the conversation, meanwhile the cogs are turning when I blasted out "that's the Queen's birthday, this is definitely a wind up!

I was back on the phone dialling the number as quick as my finger could go! I said "this is a wind-up right, that's the Queens Birthday". The voice said "I have told you Alyson, I can't tell you". Well that's a give away in it's self so I replied "Alan will but count me out". Alan looked at me like I had grown 2 heads. "Are you mad" he said! Alan spent the whole of the following week trying to talk me into it, a week later I rang back "you still got room for a little one"? 

We  Had  To  Keep  It  A  Secret...

We couldn't tell a soul until we was given the okay, not even our parents! Then the day come when we got the call that we could tell people and where was I ? Sat in the dentist chair. My phone kept going and my dentist said "Do you need to get that Alyson". I said "it's okay I know before I even look, it's to let me know I can now tell people that I am going to play for the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall for her birthday". 

Seriously, the 1st person I could tell, it was my dentist and he looked at me like I was on another planet!

Fast  Forward  to  the  day  before  the  Royal  Performance !

Story to be continued...

The  George  Formby  Society


The  Royal  Albert  Hall

for  the

Queens  92nd  Birthday!

Includes Alan & Alyson Yates.

We  Hope  You  Enjoyed Reading  Our  Story !