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Ludwig  Wendell  Hall Professional Ukulele Banjo 1920’s

Ludwig Wendell Hall Professional Ukulele Banjo 1920’s £1750.00 O.N.O

Wendell Woods Hall was an American entertainer

These licensed instruments were made by the Ludwig Company.

Consisting of a Walnut neck and bound walnut resonator, top-tension rim/flange assembly, with integrated armrest and tailpiece.

This Lovely 1920’s instrument comes with original Waverly friction tuning pegs.

The edging decal is still is excellent condition, one of the first things too easily get worn away , also in general the instrument is in great condition. 

Some scratches to the back of the resonator. It has a new vellum fitted, strings, and at some stage the fretboard has been replaced, by the previous owner. 

Also on the neck mark you see is actually a knot in the wood NOT a burn mark.

It comes complete with a custom-made hard case.

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