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alan yates music

Instrument  Set-Ups,  Maintenance,

Repairs  &  Refurbishments.

All instruments at some stage need to be set-up and more often than not

especially new instruments need to be set-up before you can even play them.

Then their is the general maintenance of them to keep them in tip top condition.

If something breaks you can't play and enjoy them until they are repaired.

Some people would also prefer to have their instrument refurbished rather than replaced, especially when it comes to sentimental value.

Alyson stands by her saying "when you find the right instrument it fit's like a glove" and it's true.

You can have 20 different guitars but there might be just one that fits like a glove where it feels right in size, weight, feel, sound etc.

Whether you instrument cost hundreds or thousands, they all need an M.O.T and T.L.C.

That's  Where  We  Come  In...

For all your Ukulele, Ukulele Banjo and Guitar care!

From Alan's own personal experience of 30+ years of playing, learning to maintain, repair and refurbish.

Combing years of experience and knowledge.