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alan yates music

Ukulele,  Ukulele  Banjo  &  Guitar

Set-Ups  &  Maintenance.

We do full instrument set-ups along with maintenance and adjustments.

All ukuleles, ukulele banjo's and guitars, which are made from wood, are subject to changes in temperature and humidity.

As well as requiring to be set-up when they are new they also require periodic maintenance and adjustment in order to ensure

a maximum level of performance and play-ability.

If you have a new instrument that requires a full-set-up and you are not sure what needs to be done or 

not comfortable in making the adjustments yourself that's where we can help. 

It is also not uncommon with a new instrument that there may be a 'settling in' period where you will need to have tweak adjustments made.  

If you have an instrument that requires a periodic maintenance check then we are here to help with that too.

How often a maintenance check is required does vary with how often the instrument is played and the climate to which it is kept in.

As a general guideline for proper set-up adjustments, approximately every 6 months is the recommended time frame.


How much does a set-up or maintenance set-up adjustments cost?

Well it really does vary in price on what and how much needs doing.

What are the benefits of maintenance set-up and adjustments?

Through time, experience and knowledge we can tell from the very 1st time we see your instrument the condition it is in but the benefits of returning to us for general periodical maintenance checks are we get to know your instrument like people, a few examples are:

* spot early warning signs of humidity problems or damage

* give advise for storing or caring for the instrument

* ensure the instrument stays reliable to play

* spot and fix neck problems of starting to or actually being warped

* sorting the action on the instrument making it easier for you to play

* smooth or level the frets if they become a problem

* make your instrument feel and sound better to play