Alan  Yates  Music


Want to learn how to play the Banjo Ukulele or the Ukulele?

Alan teaches both. With over 30+ years experience himself playing both the Banjo Ukulele and the Ukulele.

As a child Alan wanted to learn to play the guitar but his hands was too small to wrap around the neck and 30 years ago

there wasn't the option of 3/4 guitars so he learnt to play the Banjo Ukulele and the Ukulele instead. Returning to learning the guitar in his teens.


The 1st lesson is at half price. You can pay for lessons individually or you can book a block of 5 lessons and get the 6th lesson free!

It does not matter what age you are to learn something new or you may think you will be no good, what matters is, you enjoy it!

Lessons are booked on a timescale around you, be it once a week, fortnight or month or even a few months apart if you wish.

They are your lessons, in your time!

Alan teaches many school children whom are having top-up lessons to what they learn in school but please note:

all children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent / guardian in all 1-1 face-to-face lessons.

Guitar Lessons

Are available upon request.

Covid - 19

Please note:

During the current situation of Coronavirus, ALL face-to-face lessons are cancelled until further notice.


For those who would like to continue with lessons and are happy to do so via video link, we can and will be happy to arrange this.