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Everything  Banjo  Ukulele


We have seen it, read it and 

highly recommend it!

 - Alan & Alyson

If you are into your banjo ukuleles then this is a must have!

With 16 chapters over 300 A4 sized pages it is packed with information and pictures.

The book is hard back and the quality of the book and pages themselves is high quality.

The book was seven years in the making and extensive factual research carried out which takes you through the history of the banjo uke told from its invention, through to the great vintage manufacturers of Ludwig, Gibson, Abbott and Bacon (including Bacon & Day).

High quality colour photos with a few details of the companies and the instruments that they made abound,

and there is much more information and photographs about other great makers past and present.

This book also includes information about the great case makers as well as the ownership of George Formby’s banjo ukes,

and it is also full of interesting facts and stories about a multitude of people (including a chapter on George Harrison). 

Initially it may seem expensive at £40.00 plus p&p BUT in our opinion it is worth every penny and you will not find a better book on banjo ukuleles!

And what's more for those who already have one, the exciting news is there is going to be a second book!


The new book contains about 181 pages and around 440 photographs which show a variety of

instruments made by around 35 different manufacturers. 

Most pages are headed at the top with at least two colour photographs below.

The book will be produced to the same size and quality as the first one and the author John Croft is looking forward to getting it printed. 

Depending upon printing and binding costs, John is hoping to keep the price no higher than £30. 

We already have ours on pre-order!

To purchase the 1st book or pre-order your 2nd book, contact John Croft on:

Tel: 01691 828850 or Email: [email protected]